Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blogging during office Hour..

Boring Boring Day...

Not much work to do.. Time passes by so slowly..


tumolo is my undang test and.. i havent read any of them yet..

thats all have to continue working..

wish me luck..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Star Cruise..... Libra Superstar

On the 5th day of Chinese New Year, I.. Me.. Munyi hav to start work as i dun hav tht much leave to apply..

So... but, today i went to work with a " Qi Dai " face, rather than a "boring and sleepy" face, cause after work we are going to aboard......Libra Superstar. Yippie!!

By the way tis is my working place, haha curi-curi snap.. Hehe..

Orang Sibuk :)

Anyways, we arrive Port Klang about 7:30pm, after all the check-in stuff, we finally get to walk the Jetty.. Haha

Guess What :Do u hav Titanic feel.. Hehe

Boarding, Boarding.......

The Passage Way..


The 70's Show

Swimming Pool at Night

Group Photo