Thursday, November 27, 2008

SPM is officially OVER !!!!

i have conquer one of the challenge of my life.......... Yippie!

Long........ I have been waiting to go ONE U, but because of SPM, i have no choice but to stay at home to study..

So, immediately after EST paper 1, me, kwan and may went to ONE U.

One U here i come. I haven't been shopping at ONE U like almost a year, so there's a lot of changes there especially new wing. They even have a big apple donut there.. Hehe.

By the way we plan to see movie. First first, we plan to watch Bolt (Miss Caryn's Favourite) , but they only have one time for Bolt that is 12am. sorry... too late... and the 3D version of Bolt is tooooo expensive RM16 per person. sorry... too expensive...

Than, we plan to see Twilight, but its fully book, only left scatterd seats, so sorry again.

Finally, we decided to watch Madagascar 2, hehe quite nice though.

after that, we makan evening tea at Nyonya and ordered a " shark's fin melon & longan" hehe.
and we decided to take photo cause we are wearing uniform and that day a lot of students wear uniform to one U so we are not the only one. hehe

Popcorns from GSC

Pui Kwan say we are like kids, opening McDonald's Happy meal.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Over.......................

Omg, SPM its finally OVER, hehe autually have one more EST paper but siapa peduli...

EST=Every Stupid Thing.

Going out tumolo with Caryn and Kwan, so i shall blog bout my last day in school next time

im going to sleep kao kao and spend my time with mr.laptop kaokao.