Sunday, March 22, 2009

Working Days are ALMOST over......

Well, i've been working since 9th January 2009, tht means i've been working in MFE Fromwork for about three months..

I will miss the Morning Traffic (tht is terrible, horrible and vegetable), dun believe? Just ask those working ppl... Besides the traffic, i will be missing going work with Ah Sun Jie Jie every morning and my fellow colleagues especially my bosses.... I miss u guys..

During Lunch Time..........
(my lunch time is just pure boring)

actually im a bz person... hehe

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Frech Fries Road

Hehe... Interesting tittle?? hehe thanks to Sun jie jie,. She treat me a large Burger King fries on the way home from office. All because we were early and the traffic is not really bad, so we went drive thru at Burger King in Mon't Kiara. to get to the destination, we have to take another road to Mont Kiara(its a new road), and we have to pay RM2 toll. so the french fries were very costly, so we decided to call the raod THE FRENCH FRIES ROAD. Only both of us know which road is tht. :)