Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a day !!!

After tuition today, my dad fetch me home.. Guess what? when we reach home, he sat down and on "The Four"- a HK drama which starred Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Chan Kin Fung and Ma Kok Ming. They are sumthing like police in tht drama in the older days. My dad isn't a fan of HK drama. when we used to have Astro last time. He always said tht tis kind of drama wasting time. To my suprise, he sendiri on THE FOUR to watch. Hehe guess everthing is possible in this world ha.. after tht sun che che called than we went to DUNNO WHERE to make payment for sun che che's new Myvi. Nice Myvi, too bad sun che che cannot take it immediately, she kind of upset too.. Than we headed to PJ to MPH warehouse sales ( saw adv in STAR) . to my suprise there is a lot of ppl and lots of books.. Its reallly a sales, the books i usually found in MPH bookstore are all RM20++ but there they sell at RM5, RM10, RM15. Lucky thing i saw the advertisment. i bought few of my favourite detective books.. Hehe Im so happy. And i get to buy HSM3 enior year junior novel, and there is a ZAC EFRON bookmark and HSM3 poster. im so so lucky.

when we reach home i immediately read HSM3, cause i really wan to see the movie badly.. its their last HSM :'<. The content is so so much same as my life. Decide where to go after high school, seperate from best buddies.. HAiz... i cried when its towards the end of the story. when Gabriella.............. (cannot tell) . Troy is a good guy!! Im alone at home at night than suddenly i saw ambulance stopped at the house next to my neighbour. I was little afraid to be honest. I feared Death!! Let's hope ntg happen to them... God is so pwerful. sumtimes i feel so so small facing the world tht controlled by HIM.. Lets live life when we still can and try to enjoy it.. By the way i was eating "Fan Shu Tong Shui" when im blogging hehe.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Why ??
What happen ??
IS it my fault ??
everytime i see tis pic, my tears keep rolling down..
why can't we be friends like last time when we first meet and become pengawas together??
we used to enjoy the school life very much.. every recess time... is it because of him? or isit really my fault..??

I'm so so tired of u.. Ur treating me like a ball like a toy.. im a human too.. im not your toy that u owned, when ur happy than u'll treat me good but when ur sad than it'll be my fault...
should we continue this relationship? or u would like to change?? to end it or to rebuild it..
i dun dare to open my mouth to ask u is tht i feared tht we might quarell.. Do u understand??
Can u tell me wat u wan?? Dun juz act like ur very pity, i have the right to know what happen before u said im guilty..

by Arthur Hawking

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aaanualll Dinnnner........

ITs 18 Oct 2008.

Its our-pengawas last annual dinner sobb...:'< Its a Boring + Fun + Tired + Pain Day Boring- Cause the whole night ntg special, eat and sing.. Summore the variety of food is erm.... Fun - Cause we girls get to dress up.. Rachel u were beautiful in tht dress...What brand? Tired - Cause i didn't take my nap in the afternoon... :'< Haih.... Pain - Cause the high heel is killing me... I wonder ah tay's heel is 3 inch?? Hmm.. it does look a bit short.. Conclusion- HAppy Day ! RM 40 to spent the last annual dinner with others fellow pengawas.. it sure does wroth it.. Hehe..

Me & War yee

Raquel & Me

LOvely Couple with me

the lobby in de hotel

Aku Punya kaki Sangat sangat Sakit YO!!!!

Bye bye Glam Night!!

I love my eyes make up....

The night is still young, let's watch a movie !!

Tht's all my dears, good luck in dealing with de Naughty Pupils.. hehe LOVE YA!!!!!

Love Munyi

Friday, October 17, 2008


S, 看 了 你 的 部 落 格 后 ,才 发 现 你 很 多 的 想 法 。 想 一 想 , 原 来 我 那 么 不 了 解 你 , 还 常 常 埋 怨 你, 实 在 不 应 该 。 对 不 起 ! 其 实 , 我 们 真 的 很 不 应 该 , 我 真 傻 ! 得 寸 进 尺 。 我 现 在 真 不 应 该 想 这 种 东 西 , 你 勤 奋 读 书 , 我 也 不 能 罢 休 。雯 仪 , 加 油 吧 !

Looking forward Annual dinner, BIG PROBLEM !! No transport to go back home :'< Shit!!

Anyways this is my dress to Annual Dinner.....

Thursday, October 16, 2008



New Songs recommend to u..

Jay Chou's
  1. DAo Xiang
  2. Mo Jie Zhuo
  1. Yu Zou Xiao Jie
  2. An JIng le
  3. Tiang liang le
  4. yan hai chu lu kou
Nice musics, JAy chou is one of the most hardworking singer!!! BRavo, Jay chou!!

Hehe, i finally found the right dress for annual dinner.. thanks to Mummy and Celine.. Love Ya!! muackss!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BOrinG Day

OMG !!!
Its so boring in school...
Anyway i got my addmaths paper today, guess what??
I Failed!! Hmm... Nvm i know it'll happen..

Prefects Annual is coming!! But there is whole lots of TROUBLES...

1. Clothes
2. Transport
3. Heels
4. Make up ( im not exp in make up except for lips )
5. Hair

Haiz.. Why cant they do it after our SPM?? we have to worry bout dinner and SPM.. Headache!!

Its Thursday tumolo.. HAlf of the class are not coming, it'll be a looooonnnng, looooonnnggg day in school tumolo.. Lets bring Sejarah book to school so that when i read it i'll fall asleep easier.. Hehe..

That's all.. Looking forward to CH trip.. Yeepie!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Blogger!!

Blog blog blog !!