Monday, March 22, 2010

Its.. been...

Its been 44 days since I left Malaysia...

Honestly, it didnt hurt so bad when I saw this video before I leave,
but now, now, its like a glass piece that pierced through my heart..
I miss you guys so so much!!

Whenever I saw those pictures of the school, in uniform, I always imagine what would I'll be doing now in school now.. The canteen, office, hall, lab, classroom and all those outings..
We have so much fun together!!

OMG, especially those songs.. :'(

sometimes I even think of going back to school with you guys.. It seems that Im not that strong after all... I miss youguys my friend, no one has ever make me feel so special before!! Thanks so so much!!

I watch this video everynight before I went to bed, so that I can dream about you guys, and we can meet in dreams perhaps..........

1 comment:

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